March 17, 2019

Trump in Transition (v36)

Listen, I know there's lots of important stuff going on in the world that might require the attention of the (ahem) leader of the free world, but I've got to tell you, I didn't know that I was so totally focused on the wrong stuff.  

I mean, here I am getting prepared for this morning's lectures from the Sunday pundits, and thinking about the budget, and what "the most awe-inspiring military" really even means, and then there's climate change and the weather and trying to learn the difference between them so I can talk intelligently with people on this critical subject, and of course there's terrorism in all its forms with good people on both sides and I'm surely trying to get my arms around that, as a patriotic American, and there's redistricting and voter suppression and border security and dear lord, jobs and the economy and taxes and entitlements and healthcare and prescription drugs and there's even helping women in shithole countries and and and there's just SO MUCH STUFF TO THINK ABOUT, right?

So, being a patriotic American, I decided to see what the president was thinking about; maybe I could follow his lead? 




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