January 16, 2019

Wondering on Wednesday (v161)


Wondering Wednesday.

And tonight, I'm wondering about hamberders. Do they taste better, you know, with covfefe? Do they multiply, almost as if by magic, going from 300 to 1000 in only the amount of time it takes you to eat a handful of french fries?

And just out of curiosity, I wonder how the president managed to personally pay for all of the fast food he ordered for the Clemson University Football team?  Estimates range from around 800 bucks to maybe as high as $3K - and the food came from a variety of all American fast food companies, not sure exactly many separate locations were involved. But did they send someone to deliver to the White House, and Trump answered the door with a handful of cash? Did he use loyalty points? Or maybe he ordered via Grubhub? Inquiring minds want to know...

I'm also wondering what would happen if the president refused the request from Nancy Pelosi to either delay giving his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, or to simply deliver it in writing. First of all, I'm surprised Pelosi made that move to remind Trump that she's in charge of the House, and it is the House Speaker who invites the president to deliver his SOTU,  but I don't know if the president is in the mood for this type of shenanigans at the hands of "MS-13 Lover" Pelosi.  Even though delivering it in writing would not be a bad thing - after all.
Although George Washington and John Adams delivered the State of the Union in person, presidents for over a century delivered it via writing. It wasn't until 1913 that President Woodrow Wilson began the practice of delivering a speech to Congress as a way of rallying the nation behind his agenda. 
He does have a couple of other options - three that I can think of off the top of my head, actually. He could tweet the darn thing, which I think would be bigly hysterical. He could deliver it on the state television network, releasing it in dribs and drabs starting with Fox and Friends, and finish up with his advisor Sean Hannity acting the part of benevolent assistant or something. Or, he could simply post it on whitehouse.gov and anyone interested could find it there.

What else... Oh, yeah - Rep. Steve King, the racist American nationalist from Iowa? He was stripped of his committee assignments by House Republicans as a show of distaste for his latest comments in an interview with the NY Times. King says he was misinterpreted, or something - after all, he noted,
There is no tape for the interview that I did. It was 56 minutes. There are some notes on the other end, but there is no tape. There's no way to go back and listen. The NY Times has a different version of this. They make a habit of attacking the president, as a matter of fact. 
Which is meaningful how, I wonder, to his comment and the actions of his own party against him?  And if you're being accused of being a racists and saying things that are horrible and reprehensible and all that, do you really want to claim this president as a soul mate?

I have to wonder about that, I really do. Iowans should wonder about that, too, I think.

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