January 7, 2019

OrangeVerse XL: Cabinetry

You've heard, I'm sure, that the president had a cabinet meeting last week. You may have heard that he was all over the map with his comments, both in the pre-meeting discussion and also in the portion of the meeting when he invites the press to play along with him.

What you probably didn't hear that his being all over the map makes for great poetry.  Here's how some of it looked during his statements. We may take a look at the portion where he took questions from the press, and at how poetic his cabinet members are, as well.

Thanks for Coming
It's going to be a very exciting year. 
I think it's going to be a very good year.
Some people think
it'll be controversial and tough
and it probably will but
we're going to get a lot done.

The 1st Part About the Shutdown
We're in a shutdown because Democrats
refuse to fund the border security. They try
and make it like it's just about the wall, 
and it is about the wall.
I said, over the weekend, 
to a number of people that, you know
the wheel, the wall - 
there are some things that never get old...
If we had a wall - and we will.

The 2nd Part About the Shutdown
We're in the shutdown because of the fact
that the Democrats are looking to 2020.
They think they're not going to win the election. 
I guess a lot of signs point to the fact
that they're not going to win the election.
And I hope they're not going to win the election.
But they view this as an election point for them.
I actually think it's bad politics, but I'm not thinking 
about the politics. I'm thinking 
about what's right and what's wrong. 
And we need a physical barrier. 
Everything else is bells and whistles. 
I know more about drones than anybody.

Money Money Money
Now the Democrats in the bill 
want $12 billion for foreign aid.
They want $12 billion more.
It's $54.4 billion
which by itself is a lot. 
But in foreign aid, they want
$12 billion over the $54 billion.
Think of it: we give $54 billion - a lot of it
because they want to give it.
They don't even know who they're giving it to.
In many cases people don't even know 
the name of the country. They know nothing about the country.

The 1st Part About Loopy Loopholes
So we have a lot of loopholes
whether it's catch-and-release
the world's most ridiculous loophole.
You catch somebody
and you release them.
Now what we're doing is
catching and retaining.
The problem is we have to build
vast fields of rooms and places
for these people to stay that we're catching.
And it's physically not possible, nor
is it possible even cost-wise 
but we're catching and retaining

The 2nd Part About Loopy Loopholes
You have the lottery system the visa lottery system
where we bring people into our country based on a lottery.
We want to end all of this nonsense the visa lottery system.
So they pick them out of a jar.
We want to pick people to come into our country 
on the basis of merit and talent so that all of the
companies that are moving in - 
we have large numbers of companies - 
many, many companies - 
more than we've seen in many years.

One thing I have to say: DACA.
We are all for DACA. The Republicans 
are for doing something with DACA. 
But it's been so misreported. 
We had a - the confines of a deal. 
And the $25 billion didn't just cover a wall;
it covered a lot of border security. 
And we have a lot that has been covered very incorrectly. 
But it's confusing to a lot of people.
It's going now, as you probably heard
two weeks ago - it's going now
it will be in the United States Supreme Court.
So if we in the case - and I say this for all to hear - 
we'll easily be able to make a deal on DACA
and the wall as a combination.
But until we win that case
they don't want really to talk
about DACA although they should
because there are those that don't want to allow DACA.
I happen to think that we can do something about DACA
Mike agrees.
Other people agree. Some people don't.
So I think they're foolish  if they don't want to 
make a deal with DACA.
Because if we get overridden
that means everybody that's been here
has to leave the country.

I'm Not Enjoying This
And I just appreciate everybody coming.
It's a -- our country had a lot of problems
when I was elected and we have
a lot less problems now.
And I think a lot of the big ones
we're in the process of getting them solved.
The southern border would be one
but we have a lot of others too.
And we're in the process of solving
problems that a lot of people thought
were not solvable.
And the easiest way, 
when you don't have a problem 
that you think is not solvable,
don't do anything: just sit back and
and enjoy the presidency. 
But I can't do that. 
I want to get it solved
for the country because
we have a long way to go.
This country
has a great future
with tremendous potential.
We have a long way to go
and we want to 
solve the problems,
not just sit back and 
enjoy the presidency.
So thank you all for coming.
We appreciate it.
Thank you.

No. Mr. president, thank you.

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