December 13, 2018

OrangeVerse XXXVIII: We'll Have a Shutdown

The president met this week (with a transfixed, mesmerized or catatonic Vice President Pence at his side) with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and soon-to-be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a free-wheeling, free-speaking, free-versing, free-range conversation.

I think the whole thing bordered on craziness, until it finally hit the wall and the fighting was over. Or maybe that was just my head hitting the desk, not sure.

The Easy One
And then we have the easy one, 
the wall.
That will be the one
that will be the easiest of all.
What do you think, Chuck?
Maybe not?
So we're going to see
but I will tell you
the wall
will get built.
We'll see what happens.
It's not an easy situation.

How Big Is It?
A lot of wall
has been built.
We don't talk about that.
But we might as well start.
Because it's building - 
it's being built right now
big sections
of wall. 
And we will continue
that and one way
or the other it's going to be built. 

Don't Make Me Do it, Chuck
So I'd like not
to see a government closing,
a shutdown.
We will see what happens
over the next short period of time
We're going to keep it open
if we have border
security. If we don't
have border security
we're not going
to keep it open.

Border! Border! Border!
We need border security
And I think we all agree that
we need border security
The wall is part of
border security
We need border security
the wall is part of
border security
you can't have very good
border security
without the wall no.
you know what
we need border security
that's what we're going to be 
talking about
border security.
If we don't have
border security
this country needs
border security
the wall is part of
border security
it's a big part of it.
we need to have
effective border security
we have to have
border security
we have to have the wall
as part of 
border security
but we have to have
border security

#shutdown firster and damn proud of it
I - no no no no no
the last time, Chuck
you shut it down
and then you opened it up
very quickly.
You want to know something?
Okay, you want to put that on my --
I'll take it.
You know what
I'll say?
if we don't get
what we want 
one way or the other
whether it's through you
through a military
through anything 
you want to call
I will 
shut down
the government
And I am proud --
and I'll tell you what -- 
I am proud
to shut down
the government...
So I will 
take the mantle.
I will be the one
to shut it down.
I'm not going 
to blame you for it.
The last time
you shut it down
it didn't work.
I will take the..
I'm going to shut it down...

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