December 28, 2018

OrangeVerse XXXIX: We're Gonna Have a Good Time

As you know, the president finally made a trip to visit American servicemen and women in a combat zone, something he had previously said he wanted to do, would do, but after all, he had a very busy schedule, don't you know. Trump and the Great First Lady Melania flew Christmas evening to spend time at the Al Asad Airbase, where he met first with military leaders and then with the troops.

His full comments are here, including the multiple falsehoods on the military pay raise, which has been widely reported. Some of the verse below may not have made it to your news feed. Enjoy.

At Ease
Well, first of all at ease. At ease. 
Let's have a good time.
Let's have a good time. 
And we had an incredible meeting that lasted,
for about an hour, and you have no idea
what we've come up with. 
You're going to be so happy.
You're going to be so happy.

As I was Just Saying
and we have some ideas
that are more than ideas, 
that are going to be just - 
We like to win.
Do we like to win?
We're going to win.

We came in, we were -
we felt very safe coming in.
It was a pretty difficult journey
in certain ways, but we felt
very, very good, very safe. 
And also we knew exactly
where we were going...

You're Always on My Mind
Melania and I are thrilled 
to be here with
...the greatest military and -
especially as we get all of this
billions and billions of dollars
of new equipment that I approved...
You're getting such new equipment
 your eyes are popping, right?
Your eyes are popping.
You're getting the best equipment...

And I just want you to relax. 
Let's have a good time 
for a few minutes, and then
I'll be heading to
another location, and then
I'll be heading back.
But I have you totally
in mind - totally
in mind.

Lots of Six Months
Go ahead
Get them
Go get them
Go get them
Go get them
And we're doing it.
And you're doing it.
You're doing it.
Just the remnants.

Defending our Homeland
We want to have strong borders.
The Democrats don't
want to let us have strong borders - 
only for one reason. You know why?
Because I want it.
You know, I think, 
just standing here
looking at all these brilliant young faces
these warriors.
You're warriors.
You know, you're
modern day warriors.
That's what you are.
But you gave me an idea
just looking at this warrior group.
I think I'll say 
I don't want the wall
And then they'll give it to me.
That's another way of doing it.
That's another way of doing it. 
No, we have to have it.

Prevent Defense
We don't play prevent defense anymore
We're not doing that. 
That's why when you see me
doing things, I always have
things on my mind.
I always have lots of things in mind - 
things that you have in mind too,
but a lot of other people don't.
A lot of the media
doesn't want to report it correctly
but we have a lot of
things in mind.

But do you ever see at - like in football
where a team is holding the other team scoreless - 
they can't throw; they can't pass.
They can't do anything... And they say 
"Let's change to prevent defense" 
and that's what happens
And you know what it does?
it prevents them
from wining...
We don't like prevent defense.
We want real offense
and real defense
And that's what we're doing.

We Flew All Night on Christmas Evening
It was worth every minute.
 Our faith and confidence
in you is absolute and total. 

You are the sentinels
who watch over our nation.
You are the warriors
who defend our freedom.
You are the patriots
who ensure the flame of liberty
burns forever bright.

That's who you are.
That's who you are.

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