December 18, 2018


The one in which we listen to House Speaker- designate Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer respond to comments made by the president; his part of the conversation can be found in the latest OrangeVerse.

A long time.
Soon. Soon.

Well, thank you
Mr. president
for the opportunity to meet
with you so that
we can work together...
I think the American people
recognize that we must
keep government open..
that you should
not have a
Trump shutdown

You have the White House -
a Trump shutdown
You have the White House -
You have the Senate.
You have the House of Representatives
You have the votes.
You should pass it
right now.
You could bring it up
right now, today.
Well, the fact it
you could get it started that way.
Then do it.
Then do it.
No that's not the point.
No that's not the point.
that's not the point.
That is exactly right

Well, then go do it.
Go do it.
No, don't put it on the Senate
Put it on the negotiation.
You will not win. 
don't blame it on the senate...
you have the White House, 
you have the Senate, you
have the House of Representatives.
But you can't -- you can't -- 
All right, let me say something here. 

Yeah. Here's what I want to say.
We have disagreements here.
The Washington Post
gave you a whole lot of Pinocchios
because they say you constantly misstate
how much of the wall is built 
and how much of it is there.
but that's not the point
here, we have a disagreement
about the wall
whether it's effective
or it isn't.
Not on border security but
on the wall.

We do not want to
shut down the government.
You have called 20 times to
shut down the government. 
You say "I want to
shut down the government. 
We don't.
We want to come
to an agreement...
 because you
let me finish
because you
can't get your way.

We urge you to take it.
It is good border security
It is very good border security
It is actually what the border security 
asked for.
it's what the border - 
you just said it was effective
you just said it was effective
We want to do this - 
Wait a second.
Let's call a halt to this

Let's call a halt to this.
We've come in here
as the first branch of government.
Article 1, the legislative branch.
We're coming in, 
in good faith, 
to negotiate with you about
how we can keep the government open.
The American - 
The American - 
I'm with you
I'm with you
We're going to have border security
And it's the same border
Effective border security
You're bragging about
what has been done.
We want to do the same thing
we did last year this year. 
If it's good then it's good
now... Let's debate. 

We have taken - 
Let's debate in private. 
We have taken 
this conversation -
 - to a place that is 
devoid, frankly
of fact. 
And we can dispel that.
Yes we do.
We do.

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