March 29, 2017

Wondering on Wednesday (v83)

I don't have a lot to offer on the wondering front, this Wednesday.

I do wonder, though, what Ivanka will really be doing.

I thought she was to have been her father's eyes and ears in the White House, his personal wire-tapper, to pay attention to things, to tell him what she heard and what she saw, a la Big Brother, or Big Sister, or maybe as Big Daughter for Big Daddy.

But no, that's not it at all.

She is to have a transparently ethical and "unprecedented" role, the likes of which we have not seen  and may never see again. Unless, of course, our next President is also a business man charlatan con man family man ad man rally man clueless man governing man, with a boatload of children who could serve as ambassadors.

This is a man who represents the faction of our country that rails against 'unelected bureaucrats' as the downfall of our democracy, and who fills his administration with unelected family members and unelected spouses of family members to act in official roles like, oh I don't know, SWATing the government to make improvements in agencies run by those dreaded unelected bureaucrats, for example. Is there no irony there, I wonder?

At least the unelected bureaucrats are doing the business of the people by putting into effect the regulations that our elected officials have passed (unilaterally or in some bipartisan manner). The unelected children of the president are doing the bidding of... whom? Are implementing the regulations approved by what act of... which Congress?  Who elected... them?

I also have to wonder, how long before we see Tiffany Trump make her mark on the White House? Perhaps not an office in the West Wing - that may be a little much for her, since she's not been involved all that much with the other three elder Trumps. But maybe there's an East Wing spot for her? Maybe something in the basement like that poor girl on Aaron Sorkin's West Wing TV show?

And Barron. Don't forget the Fifth Child, the First Child of the First Family. What will his official unpaid role be? Maybe he will be able to consult on stuff like recess and what not for Betsy DeVos?

I supposed we can be happy that he only has these kids. Well, the five -- and Omarosa.

And I wonder, what will become of Take Your Daughter to Work day, now that (as I saw on Twitter), every day is Take Your Daughter to Work Day?.

And did any of his supporters wonder whether the greatest jobs president God ever created was going to become a family employment agency?

And, I wonder, are they REALLY good with that?  Judging by his 35% approval rate, can we surmise the answer is no? Or are they the ones who do approve?

I wonder.