March 27, 2017

OrangeVerse VII: Keep on Trucking

Truckers came to Washington, they did indeed. Talking about health care, or deregulation, or something. They did let the big guy blow the horn, and toot some verse.

And I must say, really,
you are the leaders.
You are the big ones.
I'm very impressed I was able to get you.

No one knows
like truckers know

You see it every day, and
you see every hill and
you see every valley and
you see every pothole in
our roads that have to be redone.

Every town, 
every forest, 
from border to border
to ocean to ocean
-- it's true.
It's true.

And you love America, and
you love the spirit, and
we love your spirit. 

And we want to thank you
very much, because - 
very special

But you
take care of
you look out
for your friends

and you 
don't stop

until the job is done.

That's true.

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