February 28, 2017

Are You Ready, America?

In less than 30 minutes, we'll hear from the "American Carnage"president as he addresses a joint session of Congress for the first time.

In preparation for the big event, the president reportedly suggested (again) that the recent actions against Jewish Community Centers and Jewish cemeteries could be 'false flags' - actions taken by the opposition to make him look bad or something. In this case, it could be Democrats, or it might be Jewish organizations themselves.  Or, of course, there's at least a chance that maybe it's actually anti-Semites.

He rolled back legislation from the Obama administration that would have required folks over at Social Security to report mental-illness disability recipients to the federal background check folks. Because, while we are constantly told by Republicans that we don't have a gun problem, we have a mental health problem, nothing says let's ignore both problems like refusing to link them together and maybe preventing a problem person from having access to a gun which could be used to cause a serious problem for innocent people. This bill he signed behind closed doors, rather than having one of his patented signing opportunities.

He also, in the spirit of deregulation, signed a bill that tells NASA how to encourage women to participate in programs like those offered by NASA (I've written about this one before).

And, it seems, he suggested that the buck in fact stops someplace other than with him when it comes to Americans being killed on military missions.

We have so much to look forward to, tonight.  Are you ready, America?