February 3, 2017

OrangeVerse VI: The ABC Interview (part 2)

More Presidential poetry from the Trump interview with David Muir.

Nothing Bigger
Let me just tell you
you know what's important,
millions of people agree
with me
when I say that if
you would've looked on
one of the
other networks
and all of the people
that were calling in
they're saying
We Agree
With Mr. Trump. 
They're very smart people.

probably. But possibly
We're gonna get to
the bottom
of it.
If people are
registered wrongly... 
which they are,
if dead people
are registered...
and voting,
which they do....
We're gonna try 
finding that out.

We're gonna try finding that out
Well, we're gonna find out.
We're gonna find out
And -- and, by they way
when I say you're gonna find out.
You can never really find,
you know, there are gonna be -- 
no matter what
numbers we come up with
there are gonna be
lots of people that did things
that we're not
gonna find out about.
we will find out
because we need
a better 
where that
can't happen.