February 15, 2017

Wondering on Wednesday (v79)

So, now we know that General Flynn did not treat VP Mike Pence badly, and he did not treat America badly, but instead he was treated badly by the failing press and the "intelligence" community.  I have to say, I'm wondering how Trump managed to get that all twisted around and wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

And, I'm wondering, how someone who was so excited about all those leaks about risotto recipes and emails between Clinton people talking about their boss and their boss's daughter and stuff like that, who loved the leaks, now thinks that leaks are so bad? How does that work, exactly?

And, speaking of those illegal leaks, do you think they were bused in from Massachusetts like the voters were bused in to New Hampshire to take down former Senator Kelly Ayotte? 

And where is the massive investigation, the Executive Order-signing photo op, announcing the investigation into the leaking?

And speaking of those ridiculous photo ops, does Trump even know no one can read what he's signing? 

And, I wonder, has Trump started reading them better now, since we had that report that he didn't even know that he put Steve Bannon as a permanent member of the Security Council?

I'm also wondering if there's a dining room in the private residence at Mar-a-Lago? Not because I want to see one single more picture of gold-leaf-covered decorative atrocities, mind you, but because I'm trying to figure out why it was that Trump felt the need to host Japanese Prime Minister Shinze Abo in the member's dining room? And stay there during a hurried cluster over documents by the romantic light of cell phones?

And are those all secure phones? And extremely-vetted members? I don't care if they paid $100K or $200K or $500K -- all that means is that they have money, not that they they are people that love us and want to love us and will end up loving us.

I mean, remember the blow up when those wacky socialites got into an Obama State Dinner? Oh, dear lord. But here we have golfers posting photos on Facebook of the Winter White House 'situation room' in full swing? And the quarterback of the nuclear football appearing in a selfie?

#whatthesniff is going on here, I wonder?