August 26, 2015

Wondering, on Wednesday (v40)

What with getting dinner, and picking up the house, and helping get the trash and recycling out, I haven't been paying attention to the news for a bit. I'm wondering, has the NRA come out yet with a statement that, if only TV reporters and cameramen were armed, they wouldn't get killed on live TV?

I'm also wondering why it is that Howard Dean was drummed out of the presidential race for exhibiting a little exuberance and enthusiasm, er, I mean for acting un-presidential in a speech to supporters, picked up on a bad microphone, and yet, Donald Trump? Has there been a less presidential front-runner,ever?

Do you think Mike Huckabee is wondering what the heck he was thinking, or if he was even thinking, when he made that comment supporting Josh Duggar back in May, when the righteous reality TV start was exposed as a keep-it-mostly-in-the-family molester? And do you wonder how fast Huckabee might run now that said Duggar has been exposed as a cheater, having not one but two accounts on the Ashley Madison website, and has declared an addition to internet porn?

Last, I offer this, a story on Melania Trump in Bloomberg Politics. Here we learn that she likes to tweet selfies, and wear skimpy bikinis, and sell her own cosmetics and jewelry brands, and look pretty when arm candy is the order of the day, and support her husband (who got her engagement ring on the cheap) and have great sex (sometimes more than once a day!) and dote on her child.  I wonder, would anyone have expected anything less from Trump's third wife?

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