August 7, 2015

Who Won the First Debate?

I confess I didn't watch the Fox News Republican presidential candidates debate, either the afternoon version with the bottom seven, or the evening version with Donald Trump and a bunch of other people. We don't get Fox News at home, and frankly I was afraid if I had gone to a bar to watch, I would have ended up with alcohol poisoning or something.

Today, on talk radio and on the evening news, and other TV news shows, as well as on various online news sites, the talk was all about who 'won' the debates. 

The Kids Table debate, which for some odd reason Fox News apparently only allowed family and friends to attend, was won by Carly Fiorina. 

I'm not sure why she won, other than (paraphrasing here) she's a woman and she can say bad things about Hillary Clinton, and it's OK because it's not 'woman bashing' when she does it but it is 'woman bashing' when men do it. She might have answered a couple of questions, too, I'm not sure. But I was clearly told she's a woman you know, and women will vote for a woman. Fiorina's a woman. 

For the main event, all anyone could talk about before the show was how Donald Trump was going to do; the remaining nine were barely mentioned. After the debate, what did we hear? Donald Trump. Donald Trump. Donald Trump. He was mean to Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump tough questions. Donald Trump. Donald Trump. 

After all of the talking heads stopped saying the same things about Donald Trump, they all said the same things about Jeb Bush. The most frequently heard comment about Jeb? Wallpaper. He was wallpaper. He blended into the wallpaper. He might as well have been wallpaper.  

Marco Rubio was a winner, he seemed like a leader, he's the future of the party, he was a winner he seemed like a leader hewasawinnerheseemedlikealeader. John Kasich was a winner too but part of that was his home field advantage. He might have been a winner because he said if one of his daughters was gay he would still love her, or something like that. 

The lack of diversity in the opinions of the political commentators was absolutely stunning. And what's worse, their comments, which they will repeat over and over, and which will be repeated over and over by others on their networks, will impact the poll results which will determine who gets to make the big table at the next debate.   

I won't know who won the first debate until I do some more research, catch the video and read the transcripts.  But I think I know who the losers are.