January 21, 2015

Wondering, on Wednesday (v19)

A world of wonder out there, don't you think?

A person who had a relative killed by an enemy sniper in World War II announced that he was taught that snipers were cowards. And was promptly told to shove pretty much everything up pretty much everywhere, because implying that sniping (an invading, he added) were less than noble pursuits means that he's un-American.  Going out on a limb here but I suspect anyone who lost a loved one in this manner would consider the perpetrator to be a coward, including any of the people who are so enraged about the tweet sniped around the world.

And I wonder, why is it that so many of the people who are so enraged about the exercise of free speech by the author of the tweet can't express their rage without telling him to shut the blank up and advise that "until he has gone to war" he cannot comment on anything related a movie about a soldier, or about this soldier, or about war? Ou est Charlie?

Have you figured out yet, based on the news stories coming ahead of the State of the Union (SOTU) address and since then, who's in the running for 2016?  The Dems have Hillary Clinton, of course, and Mitt Romney. And now Joe Biden is likely in as well, or at least talking like he's literally thinking about it. I don't know about you, but I'm wondering what those primary debates are going to look like?

And of course there was the SOTU itself.  President Obama talked about free community college, and a middle class economy, and taxing the rich, and trade and some other stuff.  And, oh yeah -- seems he won a couple of elections too? How long before the Republicans get over that slap in the face, I wonder?

And speaking of getting over things, how long before folks of Hispanic heritage get over the portrayal of the 'Three Amigos'  that our Sonofa Governor plopped into his 'Opportunities Agenda' speech this afternoon? Other than Cuomo himself, did anyone laugh?

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