January 22, 2015

Obviously it's Bad

Mike Groll/AP Photo
Andrew Cuomo's comment on the arrest of Sheldon Silver on multiple federal corruption charges:
Obviously it's bad for the Speaker, but it's also a bad reflection on government and it adds to the negativity. And it adds to the cynicism and it adds to the 'they're all the same'.
Yes, Governor, obviously it's bad.

It's bad that you had an ethics commission and shut it down when it got too close to you.

It's bad that you think you can do whatever you want to get what you consider reform, as you and your buddies sit in The Room and make your deals.

It's bad that just yesterday, you were giddy and giggling as you delivered your Opportunities Agenda and told us about you and The Honorable Shelly Silver and The Honorable Dean Skelos traveling as the Three Amigos, in your ridiculous and more than slightly insulting sombreros.

You're right. It's a bad reflection on government, and your behavior just yesterday, when everyone knew that Preet Bharara was likely to indict Smelly Shelly, only adds to the thinking that you are all the same.

Kudos to Bharara and his gang; let them continue the investigations that we New Yorkers deserve, that you did everything possible to shut down.

Obviously it's bad. But it's obviously good for us, and for the state of New York, if we get rid of the people who think they're above the rules.

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