January 27, 2015

10 Questions for NY Legislators

If you are an Albany pol, regardless of party, how would you answer these simple true/false questions?

  1. Sheldon Silver should resign, now.  
  2. If you were Sheldon Silver, you would resign. 
  3. What Sheldon Silver has been charged with are really crimes.
  4. You have done the same things that Sheldon Silver is accused of doing. 
  5. If offered the role of one of the "Three Amigos" you would turn it down.
  6. Three men in a room is the wrong way to govern New York. 
  7. It's OK that a State Legislator makes more than a teacher. 
  8. State legislators should be subject to term limits.
  9. You will not run again. 
  10. You answered the above questions honestly.

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