August 27, 2014

Wondering, on Wednesday (v3)

For all sorts of reasons which I won't go into, of the most memorable comments in my yearbook way back in the day was one from a close friend that began "I'm starving and thinking of food..."  That's sort of where I am tonight, wondering on Wednesday:

Where will Syracuse's creative Chef Kevin Gentile end up, since he's closed his west-side restaurant?

Will you continue eating at Burger King now that their deal to acquire Tim Horton's (and become a Canadian citizen) is a reality?

Bacon yogurt: discuss.

Say you're a Democrat, and your favorite fast food joint just decided to pay everyone $10/hour, and their  low-cost menu items tripled in price as a result; would you still eat there?  What if you're a Republican?

Are the people eating at Toby Keith's, the Cheesecake Factory or the other chain restaurants at Destiny USA really the same people who aren't eating at local restaurants?

Anyone remember why eating a sausage sandwich at the NY State Fair became a political right of passage? And why didn't anyone tell Zephyr Teachout? Heard she had the ribs instead...

And speaking of the Fair: blooming onion, or deep-fried mashed potatoes on a stick?

1 comment:

  1. I would say I'd try a Tim Horton's buffalo crunch doughnut, but that would seem un-American, Not to mention disgusting. :-)