October 23, 2012

Foreign Policy? Not Between Obama and Romney

Earlier this year, I noticed several similarities (some real, some tongue in cheek) between businessman Mitt Romney and President Obama. Last night, during the foreign policy debate, I think everyone saw what I saw back in July: this is a close race for a reason.
On several issues, Romney agreed with the President's position:
  • on searching out, and taking out, al Qaeda leaders
  • on Syria: expressing confidence in the eventual end of the Assad regime; in not wanting to have our military involved there; on not wanting our weapons to end up in the hands of the wrong people, and on the need to work with partners
  • increased freedom and opportunity for women throughout the Middle East
  • supporting the end of the Mubarak administration in Egypt
  • continuing unwavering support of Israel
  • strong sanctions against Iran, and a declaration that we will not let them get a nuclear bomb
  • the timetable for leaving Afghanistan
  • using drones
In fact, just about the entire debate saw the two expressing very similar positions. If we were to take their positions, strip them of the logos and remove the names, I suspect that half the voters would not be able to say which positions belonged to which candidates, unless it was a statement on China, military spending, or how to grow jobs. Those are about the only thing the two disagree on.

In the end, foreign policy almost always matters less than domestic issues. This election that's probably more true than usual. 

Tomorrow we have Trump and Allred to read about -- and to me, those are really foreign policies.

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