October 25, 2012

Thank Me for Thanking You

Back in September, I posted about one of our local politicians, who seems to always find a way to make sure he's the center of attention.  I'm not a fan of his generally, but this aspect of his personality drives me nuts. I got a chance to witness it again, up close and personal, the other day. 

My mom, a remarkable woman of 82, has been the chairman of a three day festival in her community for the past 25 or 26 years; the event raises money for all of the community programs that support kids, seniors, and everyone in between.  This year, after much soul-searching (and, I admit, some gentle family pressure), she decided to step down as chair; she'll still be involved - she can't help herself - but she'll no longer be running the show.

One of her favorite things about being in charge of this event is that the local papers always cover it; one of her least favorite things is that the papers need an interview, and they know she's accessible, and so she gets tapped for the interviews every year. One of the stories mentioned that this was her last year as chairman.

Now, this politician has a family connection to my mom's community, and it's also in his district.  He apparently has his staff scan the papers looking for things of interest in the district, and they must have stumbled upon the article featuring my Mom.

He sent her a note, on his impressive letterhead, congratulating her on another successful event; he wished her luck in her future endeavors, and mentioned the nice article. He apparently liked it so much, he had it laminated for her and enclosed it with his note.

Which was a nice gesture, I guess.  As long as you look past the 'Compliments of Sen. John A DeFrancisco' label he stuck on the front of it. 

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