September 1, 2012

Point/Counterpoint: Voter ID Laws

Dateline, the cloud.  A Facebook conversation about Voter ID laws:
If you are poor and apply for welfare you have to have ID, so why can't you afford to get ID to vote?? If you are too poor or lazy to get ID to vote then maybe you shouldn't vote... just saying
The big question is, why is this just an issue this election, why was it not an issue back in the day of Nixon, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Bush I, Bush II? Did voter fraud just fall off the turnip truck when Obama got elected? Or is it really, like the politician from Pennsylvania said, we pass Voter ID and we get Romney elected? 
it sounds like Obama can't get re-elected unless he has all these people that can't prove who they are to vote for him.
 Ha ha - sure sounds like Romney can't get elected without these new laws keeping people from voting...
Bottom line should be that if you want to vote and be counted get off your lazy ass and get an ID, no reason to not be able to, none what so ever!!!!
Boy, I'm sure glad that the Republican National Convention is over and we're not going to be divisive anymore. 

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