September 27, 2010

Point/Counterpoint: Two Conservatives

Dateline New York, NY. Rick Lazio, the Republican Party choice for Governor of New York, lost the primary two weeks ago to Carl Paladino, a western NY businessman. Lazio remained on the ballot on the Conservative line, but today ended his candidacy"While my heart beckons me forward, my head tells me my continued presence on the Conservative line would simply lead to the election of Andrew Cuomo," he said, referring to Paladino’s Democratic opponent. 

Dateline Watertown, NY. Doug Hoffman, who two years ago lost in an ugly three-way election for NY’s 23rd district, lost the Republican primary to Matt Doheny. Hoffman, also on the Conservative line, vowed to stay in the race, even though last time around, when he made the same choice, the Republicans lost a seat they had held since the 1800’s. "I have spoken with family, friends, supporters and staff as I have weighed my next step. So today, with new resolve and a strong commitment to conservative principles, I rededicate myself to this race and announce that I will actively campaign for Congress as the nominee of the Conservative Party." 

In response, a Tea Party leader told members not to vote for Hoffman, saying “Doug Hoffman doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning this election. A vote for him is a vote for Bill Owens.’’