September 15, 2010

At Last - The Two Amigos Are Gone

(photo by Richard Drew/AP)
New York's Democrats accomplished at least two good things yesterday -- the Two Amigos, Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate, are finally done.

Espada, the hugely ethically challenged Dem-turned-Rep-turned-Dem who by many accounts doesn't even live in his district.  He was a key pawn in the coup perpetrated on New Yorkers by the ethically challenged Republicans in the senate, who offered him a leadership position to stumble across the aisle.  Dems, even more challenged than the Reps, offered him a bigger leadership role to return to the fold. Blissfully, he's been booted by folks who live in the district he represented.

(NY Daily News photo)
Monserrate, who was convicted of a domestic violence charge stemming from an incident in which his girlfriend's face was cut with a glass, and who was expelled by the Senate, sued  and lost, then tried to get voted back in. But the voters knew better.

Here's more on our friends Pedro and  Hiram, in case you'd put them out of your mind.

There's plenty of stench surrounding both of these guys, and I think an equal amount surrounding the Reps for enticing them over in the ill-fated coup, and even more so for the Dems for inviting them back in a sad game of Red Rover. Sadder still, all of this was ostensibly done for our benefit, so the right folks would be in power in Albany and would be doing things to benefit all New Yorkers.   Uh, right... 

Fortunately, in this case the voters didn't need the Albany 'leadership' to tell them the right thing to do -- they just plain knew.  Maybe there's hope after all.

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