June 3, 2019

OrangeVerse XLIII: Off to See the Queen

As you know, the president and his family are in the UK enjoying the hospitality of the Queen and her family.  So far, no major fauxs pas, other than his interview where he called the Duchess of Sussex 'nasty' and tried to deny it, and some tweets like the one in which he called the mayor of London a "stone cold loser" but hey, there's still time.

Speaking of time, he had a few minutes before heading off on this trip to chat with the press.  Here's how that worked out.

Verily, It Will Be Very
So we'll be going to the UK.
I think it'll be very
It certainly will be very
There's a lot going on
in the UK.
And I'm sure it's going to
work out very well for them.

Do Trade? Do Tell!
...they want to do trade
with the United States, and I think
there's an opportunity for a
very big trade deal
at some point in the near future.
And we'll see
how that works out. 

Of course, we already 'do trade' with the UK, but Trump of course is talking about trade in the post-Brexit world, one which he thinks should be a no deal Brexit, which would allow him to negotiate with the UK the way he does with China, Japan, Canada and Mexico.

Well, Well, Well
Our country is doing
incredibly well.
Our businesses are doing
We're going to clog up
the border.
We're going to stop
the border. 

Mex-ee-coh is making hundreds of
billions of dollars
for many, many years. 
And they have to do something
about the border.
Everyone is coming through Mex-ee-coh
including drugs, including human trafficking
and we're going to 
stop it
or we're not going to
do business 
and that's going to be it.
It's very simple.

Shortly after that last part, they went to questions. I'll show some of his answers, and you can guess what the question was - sort of like playing Jeopardy!
I don't like them at all.

Well, people ask me questions.
like you. you're asking me a question. 
Don't ask me the question
if you don't want me to 
talk about it.

We have people - 
we want people to come into
our country but they have to 
come in legally. 
We have a list of people
- literally millions of people - 
applying for membership
and citizenship
to our great country.

I gave people a warning
seven months ago.
I stopped it.
I don't like what's happening...
Bad things
are happening over there.

I think I may meet with him.
He's been a friend of mine.
He's been very nice.
I have a very good relationship
with him... with many people
over there. And we'll see
what happens. 
But I may meet with him.
They want to meet.
We'll see
what happens.

We'll see
 what happens. 
I mean look 
we're doing our best...
And he may be right.
I mean, most people
would say that.
I think we have a good chance.
But we'll see 
what happens. 

I don't think
much of him.
I think
that he's a - 
he's the twin of
de Blasio, 
except shorter.

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