July 20, 2018

TGIF 7/20/18

I know the weeks are only seven days long, but sometimes they seem way longer, don't they?

Like this one.  "Take this week - please!"

I mean, we had
  • #HELLinHELSINKI2018 and then we had the 
  • #ligthsoff thing at the meeting when the president tried to explain himself and then we had the 
  • #whatthesniff reaction with the would/wouldn't thing, and then we had the
  • #maybemaybenot part about letting Putin interrogate a former ambassador and then we had
  • #WWIIIwithlovefromMontenegro and then we had
  • #caughtoffguard at the security summit with the announcement that we might be
  • #Putinonairs in the fall if the Russian president decides to come here, and of course that assumes
  • #nocollusiondoesntmeannoindictment but we'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

What else happened this week?

Sean Spicer's back in the news. He's not hiding in the bushes, not this time: he's out with his book, The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President. The book includes passages like this one:
I don't think we will ever again see a candidate like Donald Trump. His high-wire act is one that few could ever follow. He is a unicorn, riding a unicorn over a rainbow. 
Uh... I guess this next part explains the whole unicorn upon a unicorn thing:
His verbal bluntness involves risks that few candidates would dare take. His ability to pivot from a seemingly career-ending moment to a furious assault on his opponents is a talent few politicians can muster.
That last part is true, even if the whole unicorn thing is sort of like a Sean Spicer press conference.

TGIF, folks.

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