March 2, 2018

TGIF 3/2/18

If you're in the danger zone for Winter Storm Riley, or the California storms, or any of the other major weather events happening tonight, please stay safe.

If you're Jared Kushner, you're probably wishing you were in the middle of the danger zone for the storm - somewhere on Cape Cod, for example - instead of in the middle of the media storm that's swirling around you.

There are the reports of the fruitful meetings Kushner had at the White House, which somehow ended up with hundreds of millions of dollars being loaned to his company, on top of the loss of his coveted interim security clearance which gave him access to our country's most secret secrets.  And now, there's news about an SEC inquiry into one of those "meet with us and we'll loan you hundreds of millions" companies; the inquiry was dropped just weeks after the loan was made.

Now, there is no proof (yet) of a quid pro quo (yet) and Kushner, the Kushner Companies (run by his family, which tried to sell visas for half-million investments in the company), Apollo Global Management, who loaned the $184M, and their founder Joshua Harris, have all vigorously denied there being anything nefarious here.

And there's likely nothing to be concerned about, either, that Apollo Global receives backing from the Qatar Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund of the Qatari government. Because in the world of high finance and skyscrapers and almost broke real estate companies, what's to be concerned about when a White House staffer and family member of the president has his company's fanny saved by a loan from a foreign government?

If you're the president, and your world is falling apart and you're fighting with your own appointees and your staff is leaving and people are unhappy with you for pretty much everything, including lying to school children about gun control (or else lying to the NRA about gun control), you go and launch a trade war (but it's not official, yet, so maybe you won't really do it).

And that's not all. If you're the president, you attack Alec Baldwin on Twitter, proving again how much you're going to miss Hope Hicks.

And if you're me, on the back side of the nor'easter and pretty much done with this nonsense, which included 7 hours of power outages (in two separate stints) and more than a foot of snow, today you're happy that this week is over.


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