June 29, 2016

Tuesday's Number Quarterly Recap

Lordy, what an ugly quarter this was. Even with a missing week, it's the worst we've seen since the end of 2014.

And the bad was spread around, too - it wasn't just one category that was out of line, it was just plain ugly pretty much across the board.

Here are the numbers:

  • 307 judgments, totaling $5,987,344
  • 19 satisfied judgments, totaling $133,467
  • 4 bankruptcies, for a total of $111,423

Some comparisons:

  • Q2's 12-week net of $5,965,300, was up $1,675,912 over the 13-week net for last quarter, a 28% increase. 
  • On a per-hospital basis, Crouse and St Joe's were both down (57% and 31% respectively), but SUNY more than made up for that; the Q2 total was more than $2.1M higher than Q1
  • The total number of filings - 330 - was the highest it's been since the end of 2014, and the fifth highest since I started tracking this way in 2013.
  • We had seven weeks out of twelve where there were no satisfied judgments; the previous high was Q1 of 2015 (six out of thirteen)

Finally, comparing the first half of this year to all of last year:
  • number of filings: we already have 65% of last year's total
  • judgments: we have already accounted for 62% of last year's total
  • satisfied judgments: we're at 38.8% of last year's total
  • bankruptcies: we're at 24.9% of last year's total

Let's hope that we start off the third quarter in better shape. 

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