June 25, 2016

The UK's Brexit Vote

Lots of people who are very well paid are trying to figure out what we should learn from the vote in the UK to leave the European Union.

Here's a few I've learned so far:

  • Some people say they voted Leave "as a protest" against "politicians who don't listen" to them.
  • Some people say they voted Leave but they "never thought their vote would count" 
  • Some people voted Leave only to find out that one of the biggest campaign promises was a lie
  • Some people voted Leave because "immigrants are stealing their jobs"
  • People in the cities voted Remain, people in rural areas voted Leave
  • Leaders of the Vote Leave campaign are suggesting that there's "no hurry to leave" now, as they watched global economic shock waves ripple across time zones
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, effective within the next four months or so, as he was not the right person to lead his country to their next destination.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions on similarities (or the lack thereof) between the UK and the US.

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