March 4, 2015

Wondering, on Wednesday (v23)

For your consideration:

Idaho Republican Vito Barbieri wondered (out loud, actually) if a woman could swallow something and have it end up in her vagina. His question was predicated on an explanation by a doctor that a person could swallow a pill that had a little camera in it and that camera could take images of the person's colon and voila, those pictures can be uploaded and viewed by a doctor many miles away.  Alas, that won't work with gynecological exams, because the swallow bone is not connected to the vessel bone. Read about it here.

Nevada Republican Michele Fiore believes that cancer is a fungus that can be washed out of the body. It's as simple as putting in a pic line, flushing it with baking soda, and voila, the fungus/cancer will be gone.

Mississippi Republican Gene Alday doesn't want to put any more money into public education because, first of all, no schools in trouble financially, and because, well, because those lazy black folks are just sitting around collecting welfare and not working, and educating their children would be pointless.

West Virginia Republican Brian Kurcaba thinks rape is bad, which is good, but he thinks what is beautiful is a child that could come from a rape.

I'm left wondering, on this Wednesday, whether my befuddled head-scratching over this stuff will leave me bald. 

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