March 29, 2015

What's Really Wrong with The Republican Party

Last week a contributor to my local paper had a piece about the problem with Republicans, which pointed out several of their shortcomings, including;
  • voting over 50 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act
  • holding government departments hostage to express ideals
  • applying an unchanging, literal interpretation of the Constitution, which we all know is a living document
  • Grover Norquist, the anti-tax pledge poobah
  • not recognizing the inequalities in our society
  • bowing to business interests, regardless of ethics and 'trust' issues
  • poor public relations skills
He notes, as many have, that the Rs have an opportunity now, perhaps a "once in a lifetime" opportunity: 
They could show creativity, a sense of the future, anticipate what is needed, yet they are mired in dysfunction and inability to focus on anything but flailing at the president, who seems to be deploying Muhammad Ali's rope-a-dope tactic with more than moderate success. 
Note that a year ago Kimatian opined on how easy it is to be a Democrat; he will be offering his opinion on what's wrong with Dems this week.  I'll offer mine as well.

Kimatian addressed many of the things that frustrate me about Republicans, and did a reasonable job with his focus on what's happening at the national level, but I think the real problem with Republicans is what's happening at the lower jurisdictions (after all, that's where most Congressional Republicans come from) and the Party's apparent inability to disavow any person or thing, any animal, vegetable or mineral, that puts an R on its chest.

Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead.  Damn common sense, full speed ahead.  Screw the less fortunate, full speed ahead.  Screw the environment, full speed ahead.  Take no prisoners when it comes to health insurance, or violence against women, or voting rightsChristianity should be our national religion. Separation of church and state, well, that's not important. Gays should be shot in the headCorporations have deeply held beliefs. Women should have to prove they were raped (this is but one instance of Republican rape insensitivity; there are dozens.) All marriages licenses to be signed by members of the clergy. Make sure you follow the rules on lawn-mowing at abortion clinics.

Remember, folks: the Republicans are the party of smaller, less intrusive government...

It's hard to look at laws and ballot initiatives that are taken up (and some passed) by Republican legislators, or suggested by what can only be described as hard-core Christians who wander around the right fringe, and not think that Republicans are looking to circle the wagons around a vision of America that is only populated by straight wealthy white Christians who are desperately afraid of what the world is becoming.

A vision of America that is so deeply rooted in the past that it forsakes a significant population of the country, including people like me (middle class straight non religious white women) who are afraid of what America will become if we continue to have elected officials acting like we're living in the 1950s instead of 2015.

We need leadership and an agenda that includes the economy and immigration and tax reform and health care and the military and how we are to act in a world that is no longer predominantly populated by people who resemble the traditional Republican. We need people looking forward, not back.

Look ahead, Republicans, and look around at those who wave your banner and get them to start looking ahead with you. Disavow the charlatans, the extremists, and those who commit bad acts in your name.

Unless, of course, you agree with them.