September 23, 2014

National Voter Registration Day 09.23.14

Are you registered to vote?

If yes, good for you -- you're on your way to becoming a participant in a democracy! Your next step is to educate yourself on candidates in races you're eligible to vote in.  Don't rely on what you see on television ads, or in the junk mail you'll receive in the upcoming days and weeks.  Educate yourself  by researching the issues, and the candidates, and then you're ready for the last part: actually voting.

If you are not registered to vote, please take the opportunity today -- National Voter Registration Day -- to get yourself signed up.

If you need some inspiration, look no further than Scotland where well over 80% of all registered voters turned out to cast a ballot on independence.

Share this message on Facebook and Twitter, on all of your social media sites, and via email. Don't let anyone miss the opportunity simply because they failed to register.

Thank you!