March 3, 2013

The story you're about to read is true.

I’m sitting in the living room, reading the paper and listing to the Blue Moon Cafe, having a great morning. Put up a silly post on Facebook about all the things I’m going to get done today. Finish reading the paper, reach for my coffee mug, almost empty and completely cold.

Pick up the mug, head off to the kitchen through the plantetarium, where I notice some dead leaves hanging off an Easter cactus. Put mug down, pull off the leaves, and head towards the kitchen to throw the leaves away. Stop in the dining room, as one of the cats has knocked a pile of mail onto the floor.
I pick up the mail with one hand, putting it back on the dining room table. I notice one of my favorite plant catalogs in the pile, so sit down and start leafing through it, realizing that I still have a handful of dead leaves. 
Go to the kitchen, throw the leaves away, see the coffee pot and remember I was heading out to get another cuppa.  Retrace steps, find my coffee mug, head back to kitchen, pour coffee, and take a sip. Cold. Sigh. Walk over to the microwave, and step on cat treats that My Sweet Baboo put on the floor for the kids but the kids didn’t want. Put coffee mug in microwave, then turn to get the broom.
Broom in hand, sweep up the cat treats, then some plant debris from the cactus hanging in the kitchen window. Grab one of the brownies I made last night, thinking about nothing, then realize that the plant catalog I was glancing at in the dining room  may be a duplicate to one I have upstairs, in the pile I’ve been marking up for ordering.
I head upstairs, look through the catalogs, find the duplicate, and yep, already marked up.  Good!  I grab it and head downstairs. I get the other catalog, exactly the same, so that one can be recycled. Look to where the bag for recycling newspapers and junk mail should be, it’s a pile only, no bag. Head to back porch, get a paper grocery bag, go back into the dining room and take care of the recycling.
Go back into the kitchen, can’t remember for sure why.  I look towards the coffee pot, remember that I put my coffee in the microwave; take out coffee, take a sip. Cold. Sigh.  Put the mug back into the microwave, turn it on this time, and wait. Notice the brownies, but (fortunately) remember I just had one a few minutes ago, and resist the urge.  Waiting for coffee now, notice out of the corner of my eye there’s some laundry I need to take upstairs. 
Remembering that I told the world in my silly Facebook post that I was going to do laundry, I run upstairs to get some and bring it back down.  Get it into the washing machine, and realize the plants in the laundry room need to be watered. Take care of that, head back into kitchen, walking past the sweatshirts I had planned on taking upstairs. 
Go back, get the sweatshirts, bring them upstairs, sit down and get the laptop fired up. Get a message indicating I need to update Java. 
Crap. I left my coffee downstairs.

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