June 6, 2018

Wondering on Wednesday (v135)

Here's what's spilling out of the wondering taps tonight.

I can't imagine if anyone's actually wondering whether the mass of suit-wearing white folks who attended the celebration at the White House yesterday were actually Philadelphia Eagles fans. Because, of course, they were not.  They were staffers, interns, and other people who, hopefully, were given God Bless America lyrics in advance.

Anyone else wondering who will be the next celebrity to visit the White House asking for a pardon or sentence commutation for someone?  Sly Stallone was successful in getting the president's attention to the case of Jack Johnson -  and Kim Kardashian somehow struck a chord with her plea for Alice Johnson, and of course the president himself has talked about maybe pardoning Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich, so those two might not need a celebrity endorsement. In fact, Blago has filed his clemency papers. But for any number of others, it might just take a B, C, or D-lister to help. 

 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is holding meetings about school safety and the culture of violence, but those discussions will not include conversations about guns, it seems. Violent video games, violent movies, violent TV shows are all probably in, if we're looking at the whole violent culture thing, but I wonder if her group will be looking at people like Kris Kobach, who rode into Swanee, Kansas on a red, white and blue Jeep with a replica of a machine gun on the back, much to the dismay of may in attendance. As an apparent proud promoter of the culture of violence, Kobach noted that
The outrage over the replica gun on the back of a patriotic jeep is the left trying to attack guns and your #2a rights. I will not back down in the face of a snowflake meltdown and outrage culture.
She also is not, per se, going to be looking at other countries with heavy social media use and lots of video games that don't have school shootings at the same level of ours to see what she can learn.  I wonder why not?

And, I wonder, did anyone know the swamp tastes like chicken?

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