August 18, 2016

The Update Desk: Grains of Salt (v12)

In my post the other day about the Great New York State Fair, I mentioned that our Sonofa Governor had come in to save the day and prevent a doubling of the price at the Rainbow Milk Bar from 25 cents to 50 cents. Fair profits will be used to cover the $90,000 shortfall the price increase would have resolved.

(And yes, I also mentioned that the name was changing to simply the Milk Bar, but old habits die hard - it will always be the Rainbow Milk Bar to me.)

In the same post, I noted the consternation over changes being made by Centro, our regional public transportation company, to the park-and-ride locations. The one for folks on the east side of the county, and beyond, was being eliminated. I ended the column that there might be a chance that the issue could be resolved, just as the price increase for one of the Fair's biggest attractions was resolved.

Initially, I figured it was the Governor, but it seems it was County Executive OnJoanie Mahoney, the go-to gal in our area whenever the Gov has a plan or needs a plan. who was the white knight who made the deal with Centro to have the Shoppingtown park-and-ride restored.
The people who called me, I took their concerns to the State Fair - they said we've kind of hear the same thing - let us talk to Centro and then the three of us came together to make the decision. If you look at a map, the eastern part really had a hole in it. 
Folks who want their Fair stop restored at the Seneca Mall seem to be out of luck.  Centro's statement notes that, while service at Seneca Mall ran every hour, service from the new park-and-ride location will run "about every twelve to fifteen minutes" meaning more people get to the Fair faster, and there's a much shorter wait time if you miss the bus.

The Fair starts a week from today -- got tickets?

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