February 2, 2016

The Voice

America, or at least a strongly evangelical, college educated young group of them (the high voter turnout segments in Iowa) has.

They rejected the establishment Republicans pretty handily, and dealt a blow to the establishment Democrat as well.

Trump's second place finish was, to me, a good Deal, and an affirmation of sorts, but somewhat overshadowed by the Cruz victory. Do we now hope for Rubio to pick up speed and support?

And how does the Clinton camp get out from under the heavy burden of 'inevitability' after the dead heat with Bernie Sanders? Will we see full attack mode, or will she try to maintain some sense of calm and 'presidentiality'  as they move down the road?

On to New Hampshire, where we're likely going to see more folks drop out of the race (Huckabee and O'Malley are the immediate Iowa suspenders) and even  more scrambling for the precious early votes that drive this crazy game.

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