January 27, 2016

Wondering, on Wednesday (v46)

Out, out, damned spot.

I mean, "out, out damned citizen-threatening, car-stealing-and-crashing, go-to-town-and-get-drunk-on-the-donations, snack-eating government-property-destroying, gun-toting terrorists". Get the heck out of Oregon, and don't let the door hit you in the behind on the way out.

That's pretty much where things ended up today out there in Burns where the Bundy Gang has been holed up on our property, keeping our employees (the ones who work at the Refuge) from going to work for three weeks or so, begging for snacks (and getting dildos instead), and so on. Our other employees - the FBI and the rest of them - had taken a hands-off approach, until yesterday, that is, when they stopped a convoy -a convoy! - of Bundys and Bundys-lite on their way to a meeting in a nearby town.

I had been wondering why, when these terrorists left the 'compound' to go drop in on meetings, they weren't picked up. Seems the FBI had plans to get them in a quiet spot, to reduce the risk of harm, and that appears to have been a good plan. I'm glad they arrested the ones they did, but I don't believe those who are left at the Refuge should get off Scot-free. I wonder again what it would look like if they weren't white ranchers, and if folks would be so quick to label a martyr a member of a different group.

Speaking of "out, out damned fill-in-the-blank" I'm also wondering, this Wednesday, how I'm going to change up the GOP Debate bingo board now that the Artist of the Deal has painted himself into a corner and will be out of the mix?. Unless, of course, he capitulates, which would of course lend a whole new meaning to Sarah Palin's Capitulator in Chief line.

Do you think I might win with this card and my lucky dauber?

I sure hope so!

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