July 6, 2015

Greece is the Word, is the Word

Without a whole lot of fanfare, here are two ideas to hep solve the Greece financial crisis, and prevent a further decline in the global economy (and our retirement funds and pensions  and all the rest):

Option 1
The International Olympic Committee moves their headquarters, and the Olympic Summer Games, to Greece. Permanently. Home of the ancient games, and the revival of the modern games (1896), Greece is the spiritual home of the Olympics; their flag goes first in the Parade of Nations, and the Olympic flame starts there and then makes it way across the land of the host country, ultimately landing at the main venue, for all to see.

If Athens was the permanent host city, the facilities from 2004 that are slowly going to waste could be brought back to their original glory, putting tens of thousands of people to work, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the country's coffers, and reinvigorating the country and her economy and her psyche
I solve my problems and I see the light, we got a lovin' thing, we gotta feed it right. There any no danger we can go too far, we start believing now that we can be who we are. 
Greece is the word. 
Those millions of dollars for construction would be paid in part by the IOC and member countries, who would no longer need to build their own white elephants, spending billions of dollars that could be used much more effectively to help people in need, rather than enriching the lives of the wealthy.

Tourism dollars would flow again, and money from athletes who could live and train there, free from the temptations and pressures of doing that at home.  All of the ancillary industries, from taxis to dry cleaners and restaurants and athletic supporter companies and Starbucks and the rest would  have improved cash flow, and they could pay everyone $15 per hour no matter what their skill set, and everyone would be happy. 

The Greek banks would be flush, and the Greek debt could be flushed away, because there would be money to both move forward AND to pay off the debt to Europe and the IMF and whoever else is on the list of Greece's creditors. 

And amateur sports would go back to being amateur sports, and the world could breathe a collective sigh that everything is going to be alright.  Because, like the song says, 
Greece is the word, is the word that you heard, It's got groove, it's got meaning, Greece is the time, is the place is the motion, Greece is the way we are feeling.
Option 2:
Much less romance, much less history, much less good feeling about "being who we are." Nah, this one's nowhere near as satisfying in that regard, but it'll still do the trick, I think.

Those people who cold call you offering to reduce or eliminate your credit card debt by working with the banks to take sometimes only pennies on the dollar?  And if you press 3 they promise never to call you again? And then they call you every day? And when you press 1 to talk with a live operator who can help you right now transform your financial future, and you tell them never to call you again?  That works (not), just like pressing 3 works (not).

Yeah, we give those guys Greece's phone number, and then we let them get the phone with the Euro zone money lenders and with the IMF.

I'm sure there'll be a deal in no time.

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