May 20, 2015

Wondering, on Wednesday (v31)

Blame it on the medication. I'm wondering, this Wednesday, about simple things.  For example:

Ever get a catalog from a place you would never, even on your worst day, go shopping? And you see the big banner on the cover advising you that "THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST CATALOG" and you thank your lucky stars that you'll never have to see it again?  And then a week later, you get another one from the same place? 

Similarly, credit card debt reduction services, which tell you every single day that this is your last chance to take advantage of their services (which you didn't ask for, don't need, and don't want).  I've tried ignoring them but they keep calling, and I've tried 'pressing 3' to be removed from their call list, and I've even pressed one to 'talk to a person who is standing by to help me.'  When I get through to said person, and they ask how they can help, I explain that I'm an adult, capable of paying my own debts, and would like them to stop calling me. Somehow, saying "please stop calling me" has a direct tie to the disconnect button on their end.  How does that work, I wonder?

Completely different subject (again, blame it on the medication):  Why would the "most effective anti-odor/anti-wetness product you can buy without a prescription" go on wet?  Doesn't that seem counter-intuitive?

I'm having a hard time understanding why I hear from the same Alzheimer's charity several times a month - one week I got four separate mailings from them! I know the charity game is tough, but I can't imagine that any organization can afford this kind of outreach.

And finally, which is more shocking, I wonder -- the fact that George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, or that ABC gave him a $105,000,000 contract? 

That's it for tonight.