February 24, 2014

The Update Desk 2/24/14: Five Questions for Tom Dadey

Last week, I published a post with five questions for Tom Dadey, the chair of the Onondaga County Republican Committee.  I asked the questions after reading how Dadey had seemingly waffled on the issue of Donald Trump running for governor of New York.

Last fall, Dadey had made some comments about Trump just getting involved to stroke his own ego, or to sell shirts and ties, and how Rob Astorino was the real deal for Republicans.

Tonight, however, the State of Politics blog reports this statement from Dadey about Trump's upcoming visit to Syracuse:
I am thrilled to announce that Donald Trump has agreed to come to Syracuse and headline an event for the Onondaga Republican Committee.
Nick Reisman/State of Politics

 Donald Trump is an entrepreneur, business leader, and television personality - the three qualities needed to beat Andrew Cuomo in November but more importantly they are needed to turn around New York State. It is not secret that New York has been hemorrhaging jobs and losing families to other states because Andrew Cuomo would rather worry about his next election instead of worrying about a recent college graduate who can't find a job. We need a bold leader who will take on the status quo and get New York back on track - and Donald trump has all of the right qualities to do just that."
I have to admit, I'm struggling to understand how being a television personality is one of the qualities needed to turn around New York State; and struggling to believe for a moment that Donald Trump would set aside all of his business ventures including his strangely successful Celebrity Apprentice TV show (which, according to Trump's twitter feed, starts shooting in a couple weeks) to be our governor; and struggling to figure out how the R's are going to make it up to Rob Astorino when The Donald pulls his inevitable Emily Latella and says so long to the Republicans.

As for Tom Dadey, I guess he's answered my questions.

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