September 27, 2013

Sidebar: Tuesday's Number

This week's listing of judgments and bankruptcies brings to an end the third quarter's reporting. The totals are up almost $700,000 compared to the second quarter.  By category, here's where things ended up:

  • Judgments filed:         $6,196,947
  • Judgments satisfied:        983,813
  • Bankruptcies:                  518,448
  • Total dollars:              $7,699,208

 And here's the damage year to date, for the 946 listings:
  • Judgments filed:        $19,195,769
  • Judgments satisfied:      2,243,739
  • Bankruptcies:                1,130,048 
  • Total dollars:             $22,533,556 

As I've noted in the past, there is potential for some of this to be 'self-inflicted', meaning folks who could pay their bills but for some reason choose not to; there's also some duplication -- folks actually do pay off their debts, and so could be listed at one point in the 'judgments filed' column on the ledger and again at a later date in the 'judgments satisfied' column.

But it's still a pretty big, pretty ugly number, isn't it, just for our little Central New York region?

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