August 23, 2012

We, honorofics, and political mailings

Ever wonder why it is that political candidates speak of themselves in the plural?  We are proud to be a part of... We are staying in the race... We believe that... Our campaign will...   I wonder, is it because they truly believe they're not alone, that we're right there with them fighting the good fight? Or is it something they learn in Candidate School?
Why is it that reporters address Mitt Romney as Governor?  Since he's staked his candidacy on his business acumen,  and is pretty much ignoring his record as a former governor, don't you think it would be more respectful if everyone referred to him simply as Mr.? President Obama, Vice President Biden, Congressman Ryan, Mr. Romney.  Makes sense to me.
Am I the only one who gets annoyed with self-serving political mailings that include the statement "This mailing was prepared, published, and mailed at taxpayer expense?" And another statement proclaiming that the "mailing is provided as a service" to district residents? 

We (and by we I mean all of us) know that these mailings are provided as a service to the person who's signature appears where the rest of us are required to put a stamp. In a recent example, Ann Marie Buerkle, my Congresswoman, has her name at least seven times on the mailing, but my name appears only once.  Regardless of the content, am I being served, or is she?

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