July 6, 2012

Sidebar: Buerkle's "Where Do You Stand?"

I subscribe to Ann Marie Buerkle's newsletter; even though I disagree with her on just about everything, I think it's important to stay informed.  In one of her recent emails, she introduced a new feature on her website called "Where So You Stand?"

"Where Do You Stand?" is a poll widget, presented as a way for Congresswoman Buerkle to her my view on a current issue. Not surprisingly, the topic right now is the SCOTUS ruling on health care.  Clicking through will get you to the actual question being posed, which is  "Do you agree with the Supreme Court's decision regarding the President's health care law?"

The choices are Agree, Disagree - the individual mandate should have been ruled unconstitutional, or Disagree - the entire law should have been ruled unconstitutional.  That's it. Either I agree with the whole decision, or I think they missed the boat in one of two ways.  I don't get the option of saying I agree with their decision on the mandate but disagree with their decision on the Medicaid expansion issue -- because that apparently is not important to her.  And there's no way to provide any additional comments.  Once I make my selection, I'm required to enter my name, address, and email address and then given the option of signing up for her emails.

Worse than the limited options for responding is that Buerkle's website does not publish the results anywhere. So while she knows where her constituents stand, she doesn't currently share that information with us.  Which, I suppose, is what allowed her to say that Fast and Furious was first and foremost on my mind.

I'm really hoping that the poll results will be posted, so that we have the opportunity to understand what issues are important to those of us who live in NY-25 -- and to how many of us they're important.

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