July 2, 2011

Sidebar: DSK, others behaving badly

Rumor has it that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a notorious womanizer, even if in his most celebrated incident it turns out he’s guilty only of marital infidelity and extreme stupidity.  A number of reports came to light when he was arrested for the hotel maid incident suggesting that he had been aggressive towards women for years, but that didn't seem to have any impact on his success. 

We don't need to import bad boys; we have our own share of prominent and equally stupid men, including John Edwards, he of the sex-tape-with-pregnant-girlfriend fiasco which occurred while he was running for president.  Edwards was recently indicted for allegedly using campaign contributions to cover up his affair. 

And of course we have 'Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger, who admitted that he had fathered a child with a member of the household staff. Generally I think he would have gotten away with being a serial groper, as alleged during his successful campaign for governor of California, and could have easily withstood the negative publicity about the extramarital homemaking had he not been married to Maria Shriver, of the Kennedy clan.  

Shriver filed for divorce on Friday. Unlike some of the other wives of scandalously behaving men, such as Eliot 'Client #9' Spitzer or former President Bill Clinton, Shriver made the decision to stand for herself, her family and her dignity instead of standing by her man.  Or, likely, she’s been standing by her man all these years when many others might have left a long time ago, but the teenager out of wedlock was too much.  

Last we have Anthony Weiner, rising star of the liberal left, who gives great speeches and also great photo.  Weiner, married to a top aide of Hillary Clinton, can’t control himself with a camera or a keyboard, and resigned from his Congressional seat.  His situation, some think, would have been surmountable had he not lied about the pictures.  But lie he did, to the press, the public and his colleagues, and that was more than they could bear. Governor Cuomo has decided that the special election to replace him will take place in September, on New York’s primary day.

One can only hope that, some day, men in high places will master the fine art of keeping their whatever wherever it belongs.

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