June 18, 2011

More Palin Poetry

Not everything Governor Palin had to handle was critical business. For example, here's an exchange on health and wellness, from November 20007:
If someone could pick up some fresh fruit
and the girls say the sunbed
should go up
in the cedar closet
If you can squeeze it up there.  
Listen for an elliptical thingy if you can. 
That’s easier on my knees
than treadmill.
And any old weights. 

And there's this directive, from July 2008, when the team got something accomplished that folks thought they'd never get done:
Can you let the public know of this?  
Remember critics said we’d 
never follow through with this.
Alaskans need to know
of your great work with this.
We can do a presser. 

And then there's this note to staffers about that pesky media, from August 2008:
It may drive me crazy trying to catch
all the corrections
we’ll be reading and seeing in the media.
But please
help me catch them.

More to come.

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