December 5, 2010

Five Questions for Ann Marie Buerkle

The race for NY’s 25th district didn’t end until three weeks after election day, and Ann Marie Buerkle has been elected by a prosciutto-thin margin.  She's announced her plans to hold firmly to her ideas but be open to the other half of her district who voted for Dan Maffei. Given that, I've got a few questions for our new Congresswoman, based on her Compact25 and published reports.
  1. You indicate you want to “defund and repeal” Obamacare.  Assuming you are successful, how will you explain to us why we again have be subjected to annual or lifetime limits on health insurance benefits? Or why we’ll again have to pay for preventative care, instead of having it be covered in full? Or why folks with pre-existing conditions will again become effectively uninsured? 
  2. You want to "review all federal agencies for efficiency and effectiveness and cut their budgets accordingly," and at the same time you promise to "ensure the Department of Defense is adequately and appropriately funded."  Will you start with DoD as the primary agency for the efficiency/effectiveness review? Some recent articles on incredible contracts, our bloated defense budget, and out of control intelligence spending may be of interest. 
  3. Congressman Maffei was hammered in your campaign ads (as well in those of the out-of-town groups that poured money into the race) as being a pawn of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Should we consider you a pawn of incoming Speaker John Boehner, and vote you out in two years, if your voting record is consistent with the new Speaker's ideology?
  4. What exactly do you mean by ‘treat our allies like allies and our enemies like enemies’ and who specifically do you think is being treated incorrectly now? 
  5. You support giving tax credits to parents who send their kids to private schools. Why does someone who supports accountability and individual responsibility think the rest of us should be subsidizing people who choose not to participate in public education?
I’m sure I’ll have more questions as you settle in to your new role in January, and I’m looking forward to staying in touch.

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