November 1, 2010

Tomorrow's Election Day -- you know the drill

Last year on Election Eve, I posted a message encouraging folks to vote.  At that time, the big race in the area was to replace North Country legislator turned Secretary of the Army John McHugh.   This year, of course, all seats at the state level are up for grabs, including Governor and Attorney General.  There are also a number of races at the local level across the state, and of course the Big Enchiladas, the US House and Senate.  

I thought it was worth taking another look at that post, which included several encouragements on why voting is the right thing to do.  Take a look.

Please. Vote. I don't care if you're a Tea Partier, a Libertarian, a Green, or even a Rent is 2 Damn High-er.  Let your voice be heard. Don’t sit idly by and let everyone else determine your fate.

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