October 21, 2010

Poll Watch: 10/21/10

In a Fox News poll taken last week, we continue to disapprove of President Obama’s performance, but by a lesser percent than in September; last month his disapproval number was 52%, and now it’s down to 47%, among registered voters.  Likely voters are likely to like the President less – 52% disapprove.  Turning to Congress, both Dems (57%) and Reps (60%) are letting us down, with higher disapproval numbers than the President.  Fortunately, while 55% of  respondents think that ‘an everyday American’ can do a better job than most current members of Congress, only 43% of them think they can do a better job, so we might be OK for a while longer. 

Concerning the Tea Party, an ABC News/Yahoo News poll shows that 31% want to see it become its own party; 28% want to see it become part of the Republican party, and 25% want to see it simply fade away.  Dems and Independents, more than Reps, want to see it become a separate party. 

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released their latest poll regarding our impressions of health care reform legislation; 42% express generally favorable opinions, (more Dems than Reps), with 44% generally unfavorable.   When asked to describe their emotional response to HCR, disappointed (48%) and confused (47%) led, followed by pleased (41%), enthusiastic (30%), and angry (28%). Of the angry people, most (75%) are not angry about health care reform specifically, but about Washington in general.  Go figure.

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