March 12, 2010

The Update Desk: March 12, 2010

Progress has been made on the proposed demolition of the ancient building which partially collapsed, leading to the closing of Interstate 81. According to reports, demolition will begin soon, and I-81 will be open in time for the NCAA tournament which starts next week. One local radio show reported that a barrier will be erected, using telephone poles as the ‘fence posts’, and then demolition can begin after that. Bids have been received, and while the project poses some challenges, at least we’re closer to getting people moving again. The highway was closed on February 26th, and demolition costs have ranged as high as $2 million. Here’s the press release.

Meanwhile, back in Colorado where I-70 was closed this past Monday due to a massive rock slide, traffic is again moving
, a single lane having been cleared in each direction on Thursday. A contractor has been chosen to finish the work, and repairs are expected to cost around $860,000 not including money already spent on temporary repairs and other costs associated with clearing the rock slide. “This happened on Monday, but we were able to get the work designed and out for competitive bidding by Tuesday, advertising the work to contractors on Wednesday,” CDOT Program Engineer Joe Elsen said in a statement. “We opened bids at 2 p.m. [Friday] and now, with an apparent low bidder identified, we are all very happy to begin the repairs.”

I think I have bulldozer envy.

I thought the Eric Massa story couldn’t get much worse, but I was wrong. Where we had cancer, retaliation, harassment, groping, tickling, texting, a representative living with his low paid staffers,
and even worse, one who caused Glen Beck to ‘waste America’s time,’ I thought the Massa plate was pretty full -- but I hadn’t counted on Rush Limbaugh. He’s the one who somehow managed to get in a slavery-related dig at our Accidental Governor while discussing the Massa case with a caller.

Please, make him go away. And Massa too, of course -- make him go away too.

And on the Cutzilla front, with apologies to Blue Oyster Cult, I offer:

He walks up the street, he’s tearing things down,
While Albany runs our finances into the ground.

Shutting down nursing homes without missing a beat
And putting our patients out into the street.

Taking aim at the clinics, and hospitals too,
Oh, our employees what will they do?

Oh no, the budget’s got to go,
Go, Go, Cutzilla!
Oh me, what’s wrong in Albany,
Go, Go, Cutzilla!

You have to protect us, we’re in no mood to laugh
We paid for your elections, your cars and your staff.

We’re looking at the Leg, and the Governor too,
Damn it everyone, we’re looking at you!

Oh no, the budget’s got to go,
Go, Go, Cutzilla!
Oh me, what’s wrong in Albany,
Go, Go, Cutzilla!

History shows again and again
Special interests rule the interests of men
Go, Go, Cutzilla!

Here's to a newsworthy weekend.

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