October 31, 2009

One Down...

Yesterday I posted my latest Pet Peeve of the Day (PPOD), which related to the constant bombardment of ads in support of (or denigrating the opponents of) candidates for New York's 23rd congressional district, which is open due to the appointment of Rep. John McHugh to Secretary of the Army.

Today I'm able to report that one of the three candidates, Dede Scozzafava, has left the race. While I'd love to pretend that I had something to do with her leaving (maybe a guilty conscience about all of the money she's been receiving from folks outside the district?), the reality is that my post had nothing to do with her leaving; in fact, it was lousy support and a weak third place finish in recent polling that caused her change of heart.

Sadly, one leaving leaves two left to slam each other for the next few days, which I'm sure will continue with abandon. But at least one third of the screaming is gone.


  1. I just figured it was because no one in the north country could pronounce her last name...let's face it, Ownes and Hoffman are easier...

  2. M.A. -- I think you may be right!

  3. Hey, did you notice that your Google adwords picked up a an RGA.org ad?