April 1, 2015

Wondering, on Wednesday (v26)

Think about your family and friends, coworkers, people you see on the bus or in the liquor store or at the dry cleaners or at a concert or at one of your children's school plays or athletic competitions or at the gym. Or church. 

Think of your Facebook friends, and Instagram or Twitter followers. Think about politicians and preachers and news reporters and actors and actresses and studio heads and motor heads and radio heads and talking heads. Think about rappers and crooners and twangers and cellists and drummers and color guard participants and criminals and jurors and homeless people and the people who help them.

Think about your parents and grandparents and people you knew in college or high school or elementary school. Or the bank teller or the kid at the register or the guy stocking the toilet paper at the grocery store or the car salesman or the phone survey person who calls you during dinner. 

And for all of the people you see and come into contact with every day wherever you spend your time, or do whatever it is you do (knowing that what you 'do' is practice your religion 24/7/365), tell me if at any time you have felt compelled to advise any of those people that your religious beliefs prevent you from engaging with them.

And then picture yourself being on the receiving end of this constant practice of religion whereby you cannot be served by someone else, based on how you look or sound or your actions or your faith or lack thereof.

I'm wondering, on this Wednesday, whether you'll say it feels more like freedom or more like discrimination.