November 19, 2013

Tuesday's Number: $654,912

Tuesday is the day my local paper, the Syracuse Post-Standard, publishes the weekly business section. In addition to special features, tips from stock experts, budgeting advice and the like, we get the judgment and bankruptcy listings. 

As I did for much of last year, I will be tracking health care related filings. I include anything that is clearly a debt owed to a hospital, nursing home, physician or physician group, medical supplier, and so on; I do not include filings by insurance companies, many of which are so diversified it would not be a fair assumption that the filing is related to medical care or health insurance. 

This week, there were 29 people listed with new judgments to hospitals, doctors, or other medical providers totaling $627,939.  

This week, there were three satisfied judgments to a hospital, doctor, or other medical provider listed, totaling $17,428. 

And, this week, there was one health care related bankruptcy, totaling $9,545.   

The paper publishes only those accounts of at least $5,000.

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